A curious whale

We were sailing up the coast of Baja California with a light breeze, when we spotted a humpback whale following us.  She kept getting closer and even swimming under the boat so we decided to jump in the water to have a closer look at this curious whale.

We eventually spend 2 hours swimming with her.

She was as long as Lumbaz (13 mts/43 ft) and wasn’t shy of any contact.

It would be hard to describe what one feels when  swimming with such a big animal. She would make sounds that we could not understand but that really felt like she was talking to us.

It has been 3 years since this happened, but we still get a shiver up our spine when we remember it.

For sure, long lasting memories for each of us!



Caught by an Orang Utan

We had spent a few hours visiting Camp Leaky in the Tanjung Puting Natl. Park.

It had been a good day. Tom, the Alpha male in the camp had shown up for their daily “brunch” as had many females with babies.

We enjoyed observing a few langurs and gibbons as well and eventually decided to walk back the track to the Sekonyer river, where our boat was moored.In some places you walk on wooden walkways over the swamps.

It just happened to be, that one of the most famous orangutans in Camp Leaky was lying across the walkway.

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