Lumbaz underway to Cook Islands

Dear Friends,
trying out this new feature. See if we can post while underway.
We left Maupiti yesterday morning in order to try to arrive in Aitutaki on Friday morning, to be able to clear into the country.
Maupiti has eventually become a short visit, but the pass to get into the lagoon becomes impossible to transit with strong swells and we were expecting 5 metres (16 ft!!) southerly swells for Thursday. That meant we were not going to be leaving at least before Monday next week.
So all things considered, we decided to leave on Tuesday, since we have the SPCZ hovering above us and we want to make some westing to leave it behind.
For those of you who read the post of our crossing, it is something similar to the ITCZ. The South Pacific Convergence Zone is a zone of enhanced convection in the western Pacific. It is in constant motion and often interacts with fronts or troughs from lows sweeping in the higher latitudes of the South Pacific.

What this basically means is that we have had several days of rain and squalls with up to 32 kts of wind.
We have not had squalls so far, since we left Maupiti, nor rain, but the sea is very confused. The big swell from the South is showing up and altogether it sums up in relatively miserable conditions. We are being bashed.
The good thing is that we are sailing fast and so we hope to be able to make it into Aitutaki by Friday morning and get clearance to go ashore from the Customs & Immigration officials.

So far we have sailed 112 Nm in the last 14 hours.

You can follow us through the Pangolin website, under :

Lumbaz is shown under our Call Sign : DC2705

Thats all for now,
0200 local time, somewhere in the Southern Ocean

One thought on “Lumbaz underway to Cook Islands

  1. logisticsmexico September 10, 2014 / 1:02 pm

    Email receceived …. saludos desde la lluvia del DF hacia el South Pacific. Abrazo




    Oliver Heldt Simon

    Cel. : +52 1 612 141 63 68

    Skype : condesaoli

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