back on the ocean

It would be hard to describe what it is like to be back in the ocean.
Now, that the final leg of this crossing approaches, Aitutaki lays 24 miles ahead of us, one can feel how quick we all accommodate to being back offshore.

While on anchor, you get used to a more normal lifestyle. You awake with the sun, around 6 AM. You go through your day, working, studying, swimming, diving or walking. The sun sets around 6.30 PM and by 9.00 PM the lights go off and everybody walks to dreamworld.
There is a sense of security (if you have a good anchorage) and consistency. You can expect what tomorrow will be like.

Out in the ocean, it is different. The sun is not our clock anymore. There is no time off the boat. Actually, time spreads out and becomes a line, not defined by activities, plans or sunsets. You just are.
It does take some time to get used to it. We realize though, it does take us less and less so. When we did the first big crossing, it probably took us 4 days to get into offshore life modus.
Now, we need one day and everybody is back to sailing mode. Watches and on board duties become natural, School is always just as hard work, for those teaching as for those being taught but generally speaking everybody finds its modum vivendi very quickly.
And life aboard becomes a pleasant rest of mundane reality. There is us, the ocean and the weather. And it feels as if we just become a small part of the environment that surrounds us in all its beauty and roughness.

24 miles to go and it will be a different country. A new language. Still Polynesian but with so many variations.

We are glad to arrive to a new island, but we do enjoy being offshore…..

2 thoughts on “back on the ocean

  1. Ignasi September 17, 2014 / 9:41 pm

    Dani, Genie, m’encanta el que escriviu!!
    Transmeteu un gran coneixement del mar, el pais més gran del món, els habitants del qual saben del cert que tots anem en la mateixa barca.
    La vostra felicitat fa pujar el nivell de felicitat mundial!!
    (I a Fe de Déu que amb tants conflictes arreu, és molt necessari!!)


  2. svbrightwater September 18, 2014 / 8:19 pm

    “You just are.”


    Lovely. Wallow in it.

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