underway to NZ

Wednesday evening. 3 knots of wind blowing from the East as we lift our anchor. Farewell to the other boats, the other companions, the ones who have been leaving over the last 24 hours and those who stay and will be leaving Minerva over the next few days. A good brotherhood has prevailed these days in Minerva. The place has just been magic and we all have enjoyed it together as a big family. Joining the lobster hunting, spear fishing, diving or snorkeling with others. Now we are underway, 3 knots from the East.
We pull up the spinnaker in the lagoon and manage to cross the passage through the reef under spinnaker, making 2.2 knots of speed.
Right now it is 09.30 PM and we are making 4.5 knots with barely 5 knots of wind. The sea is calm, flat calm. We have chosen our weather window.
The passage looks good. We expect the trade winds to start blowing tomorrow. 20-25 knots from the SE and then we should encounter a big High pressure system which we might be able to sail along its outer perimeter. We might have to motor through the center. The high looks slow moving and we hope to be able to reach NZ by the 26th or 27th before we get stronger NW winds.
Our Iridium phone allows us to download Grib files. These are computer run models that give us a hint of what the winds and pressure systems might be doing. All well tonight.

3 thoughts on “underway to NZ

  1. logisticsmexico November 19, 2014 / 10:49 pm

    Gute Ueberfahrt ….




    Oliver Heldt Simon

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  2. John November 25, 2014 / 6:45 am

    do you know sms is free on Iridium?

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