crossing boundaries

2nd night en route to NZ.
You know what you are up to when you decide to cross boundaries. Or at least you should.

There is a zone of unknown, of pleasure and difficulty. Some sort of twilight zone.

Well, 25 knots on the nose with rough seas breaking over Lumbaz bows is no fun. That is the night tonight. 2 reefs in the main and furled jib. But I guess that is the boundary between the tropical trade wind belt and higher latitudes.

And then, the Grib files told us it was going to be 14 knots, oh well!

Caught and already ate 2 mahi mahi’s. One for lunch and one for dinner. The kids love and devour it.

One of the things you do while on passage is numbers. The kids while doing their math class and we working out strategies to make the best out of the weather we will encounter the next week while sailing to Opua.
We are sailing a course more to the West until we will probably hit the center of the High we are currently sailing through, then we will tack and make a SE course hoping for more westerly winds (those coming from the Tasman Sea).
All things considered and taking into account that we cannot trust the Grib files much more than our politicians, we are thinking of getting to the imaginary way point which we call NAV MARK NZ (500 nautical miles from where we are) by Monday (our time) and then tack down to Opua (another 350 miles) to make landfall maybe on Wednesday the 26th.

Strategies keep us busy.

All good on board.

2 thoughts on “crossing boundaries

  1. logisticsmexico November 21, 2014 / 4:30 am

    Hola Dani, weiterhin gute Fahrt und ich druecke die Daumen, dass Ihr bis Mittwoch gut ankommt., Ich bin gerade zur Probe bei einer Firma taetig. Druecke mir die Daumen. dass es ein richtiger Job wird. Morgen fahre ich dann fuer 2 TAge nach Toluca und am Sonntag geht es zu Ulla nach Tepoz. Schick mir dann aus NZ mal ein bisschen Mahi Mahi per DHL nach Mexico.




    Oliver Heldt Simon

    Cel. : +52 1 612 141 63 68

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    • Tane March 26, 2015 / 11:00 am

      Cool story guys what a fun travel

      From Tane And Marisa

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