Human beings capacity to adapt to its environment might have been it’s success as a species in the long history of evolution.
We moved on Lumbaz a year ago today and we think we have done well in adapting to life on the oceans.
But it only takes a difference of 16 knots between the expected wind and the one our anemometer reads to make our adaptation process start from scratch again.

That is what we call getting our sea legs!

Last night was a tough one. We could call it uncomfortable but reality is, that it is tough. When the boat gets pounded by waves that come from 3 different directions, sleeping gets hard ,not to mention if you have to move around.
Then comes the sun rise, behind a very cloudy and stormy looking sky. And now you see the culprits of the tough night. Sometimes it is better to sail into the unknown sea (we have no moon) than actually seeing it. Because then it becomes scary.
So the day following the night has been just as uncomfortable. Live on board gets very restricted and everybody just tries to accommodate her or himself in a position where time passes by and nothing more.
But you learn to be resilient on boats (kids are the best, by the way) and eventually the sea comes back to a state that allows Lumbaz to sail without inflicting its crew too much harm.

We have been sailing fast over the last 12 hours and have changed our course from a SW to a more S one, which lets us hope for a faster passage and thus arrival to NZ. You can follow our route on :

All good on board.

One thought on “Adaptation

  1. Tane March 26, 2015 / 11:06 am

    Cool story guys hope you had a fun time on your trip

    From Tane And Marisa From Whangarei Primary School

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