Last night out

Last night, or at least so we hope.
We have sailed over 1.100 nautical miles since we left Tongatapu and we are now, as we write 73 Nm away from the entrance to the Bay of Islands.
As it is with last nights, they never seem to be easy. The winds that had been blowing for the whole day yesterday started to pick up towards sunset ending up blowing up to 25 knots again, right from the nose.
So we have been reefing and pounding into the seas again. Fast but the most comfortable ride.
Overall, in this passage we have had to change sails over 20 times which is a lot if we compare it to the downwind sails we usually have been doing in the trade winds.
Up one, down again, up another, reef the main, down for smaller, second reef, up the main, up Code 0, down again and so on and on…………
Always trying to suit Lumbaz with the right garment of sails for an ever changing wind. But that is the only way to keep her sailing fast and safe. Too little reefing and down sizing and you put a lot of stress on the rig, the lines and hardware. And it doesn’t take much to go from an enjoyable and fast sail to a problem situation when something breaks, be it a line, a shackle or a pin.
And if you don’t get the sails up again when it starts blowing less you find yourself rolling in the seas left behind by the wind without making much headway.

Someone wrote: If you want to sail the seven seas, you must become an expert at turning bad things into better things, and when bad things happen, you might discover that dealing with the bad thing actually protected you from something even worse. It’s then not time to put on a sackcloth and sit in a pile of ashes. It’s time to keep on keeping on.

We expect to make landfall in the late afternoon of Tuesday our time.

All good on board on this last night on sea.

2 thoughts on “Last night out

  1. John November 25, 2014 / 6:42 am

    I have just let NZ Customs know that you are known party people from Spain who love to get on it and carry more than the normal meds.
    let me now your plans when you arrive, Congratulations!!!

  2. jose antonio bertrand December 10, 2014 / 11:43 am

    Very interesting narration about sailing…
    This is the way I know it also..
    HappyNew year!
    José Antonio Bertrand

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