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Die Schule

Ich bin hier in Neuseeland zur Schule gegangen. Ich habe es geliebt. Ich habe sehr viele Freunde. Die Schule war sehr anders als die in Spanien, sie haben sehr viel mit den Computer gearbeitet. Es war ein bisschen kompliziert aber lustig. Wir müssten jeden Tag von 9 Uhr morgens bis 3 Uhr Mittag gehen, weil wir zu schule gegangen sind. Wahernd LUMBAZ in der Werft war sind wir zur Schule gegangen. Dort gab es ein Uniform der ich den ersten Tag nicht gemocht habe. Jeder Freitag gab es ein Preis für der gut gearbeitet haten, ich habe es gewonnen.


Newsletter No 11
Noa worked hard and achieved the award she was really keen on getting.


The Paua legend

At the deep ocean there was a Paua*.

Paua was black and ugly with his big black lips.

Paua was very slow too.

One day Tangaroa (Maori god of ocean) heard him cry.

All the sand came to Pauas eyes and he couldn’t see but he recognized the voice of Tangaroa asking:

“Paua why are you crying like this.”

Paua said: “O Tangaroa sniff **! I am so lonely and ugly and slow and I always see the snapper with his shiny blue spots. The ray going so fast, the seaweed*** moving slowly from one site to the other one.

And I am ugly slow I cant even reach to another Paua”

So Tangaroa wanted to help him and gave him the BLUE of the ocean, GREEN of the forest, VIOLET from the dawn, PINK from the sunset and the MOTHER OF PEARL.

Then he was one of the most beautiful sea creatures****.

After a while the jealous fishes, octopuses, seaweeds, rays…came and picked little peaces from the shell so Paua had a big hole in his shell.

After a wile Tangaroa heard Paua cry again. He saw the big hole in his shell.

So he gave Paua the finest BLUE of the ocean, the finest GREEN of the forest, the finest VIOLET of the dawn, The finest PINK of the sunset and the finest MOTHER OF PEARL. But after some minutes the sea creatures did the same thing but this time Tangaroa saw what they were doing. Tangaroa gave him his gift and he added “Paua from now on you are going to be the only sea creature in the whole ocean that is going to have a colour.

The other seacreatures are going to have some ugly colours and they aren’t going to live until you will die.”

Paua lived happy and peaceful in his shine shell and was the most beautiful sea creature until he died.


Thank you very much if you have read the whole legend.


PS: I am going to explain what the words with * (little star) mean:

*Paua: It is a very shine shell with shine colours you can see it in many sizes.

**Snif: He is crying.

***Seaweed :some algae.

****Seacreatures: some water animals.





Leyenda de paua

En el profundo mar vivía paua*.

Paua era feo, con su piel negra y sus grandes labios,

también era muy lento.

Un día Tangaroa (Dios maorí de Océano) le oyó llorar. Toda la arena le fue a los ojos de Paua y no pudo ver pero reconoció la voz de Tangaroa.

“¿Paua , por qué lloras?” Le preguntó.

“¡O Tangaroa, sniff! Estoy sólo, soy feo y lento, ¡cómo me gustaría ser bonito como el snaper** con sus puntos azules, y rápido como la raya, o moverme como las algas que bailan en la corriente, y yo , yo no soy bonito. Yo no puedo llegar ni hacia otra paua porque soy tan lento.”

Tangaroa quiso ayudarle, y otorgó*** el azul del océano, el verde del bosque, el violeta del amanecer y el rosa del atardecer.

Paua era uno de los animales del mar más bonitos con su coloreada concha.

Después de un rato, vinieron celosos, los peces, pulpos, algas y demás y rompieron un trozo de la cáscara de Paua. De nuevo Tangaroa le oyó llorar y vio un agujero en su concha. Le volvió a colorear y arreglar su concha, incluyendo la madre perla****. De nuevo los otros animales asaltaron a la Paua y esta vez Tongaroa se enfadó y le dijo a Paua:

“a partir de ahora serás tú el único en tener estos colores y los otros animales tendrán solo un color muerto hasta que mueras.”

Y hasta su muerte Paua fue el animal más bonito del mar


Gracias si han leído toda la leyenda.


PS: en la leyenda hay unas palabras con estrellitas.(*)


*Paua : una concha con muchos colores. Llamados abalones.

**Snapper : un pez en nueva Zelanda.

***Otorgó : agarro, cogió

****madre de perla : una concha blanca.





(Maori Legend)

Maui had 4 brothers but he was the most powerful one .

One day the 4 brothers went fishing without telling him because they were jealous of him, but Maui heard them. So in the middle of the night he hid himself in the bottom of the brothers canoe .

The next morning they went out fishing without knowing that Maui was with them. They paddled out beyond the breakers until they found a good place to fish, but it was not enough for Maui. He sprang from the bottom of the canoe and scared the brothers so much that they obeyed Maui to paddle further. They paddled the whole day and when the sun came down the brothers slept and Maui paddled the whole night. Then they arrived to a good place for Maui so they stopped to start fishing.

Maui threw the hook he made from the ancestors bone into the water and the hook went down until it touched wood and struck into a carving. Maui pulled it up with all the forces he had and with a big smash the big fish which wasn’t one came out. The tail went to the North and the body to the South. When Maui wanted to look for his hook he told his brothers not to touch the flat land . But the brothers mad at him started to destroy all the flat land . Out of it a big mass of valleys and ranges jagged out .

This is how Maui the half god fished (Te Ika a Maui) the North Island of New Zealand and it is said that his waka or canoe became the South Island.


Copy of Maui legend cf4d002a06ac05a7340a719d8ea32591

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