Underway to Fiji

We finally left Minerva Reef yesterday, May 22nd.
Our destination is Savu Savu, Fiji, in the northern island of Vanua Levu. Being in Minerva Reef for a whole week has been a real treat!
Not only has it been a great shelter for the front that went through our heads but it has offered us it’s best: great snorkels, enjoying it’s abundant and pristine underwater life fantastic dives, we have done some deep water one’s
tasty lobsters, which we have been able to enjoy yet again,
incredible fish, this time eaten raw thanks to a giant almaco jack that Brendon (12 years) on Exodus speared outside the reef.

You should have seen the girls. There was a raw filet on the table which was supposed to be the next days lunch. In theory it was bed time, but we were all sitting around the table.
They all said they wanted to try it and within 10 minutes they ate about 1.5 kg of fish they kept slicing themselves.
A year ago they still had a hard time eating raw fish and it was a joy seeing them jump over this sashimi.

There are 450 Nm between North Minerva and Savu Savu.
We expect to arrive there on Monday. The sailing has been very fast so far, averaging close to 8 knots since we left, but the wind has shifted to East overnight and we are sailing closed hauled and it is supposed to come down to 8 to 10 knots. We will have to match our ETA (expected time of arrival) to get into Savu Savu at the hours were the Fijian Customs officials work (normal business hours) to clear in, since if you arrive on a weekend or out of their work hours you pay high extra fees.

We have gotten visit tonight. A fairly big sized shearwater landed in the cockpit and started vomiting an octopus he had probably just eaten. We think he must have flown into the rig and has fallen on board. We will try to feed him and see if he can his flight back across the ocean.

All is good on board, spirits are high!!

One thought on “Underway to Fiji

  1. Marianne Prischl May 23, 2015 / 8:41 pm

    Its wonderful to wake up a Saturday morning and start to dream reading about your adventures. Bsssss

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