Enjoying Fiji underwater

We truly have enjoyed Fiji’s underwater world.

Be it snorkelling, free diving or with dive tanks.

In strong currents or calm reefs, with big pelagics or small nudibranchs, Fiji has offered us the real beauty of the tropical sea.

It is hard to show the beauty and perfection of a reef in pictures as well as it is difficult to express the beauty and sovereignty of big fish but here is our best try for you to enjoy:



One thought on “Enjoying Fiji underwater

  1. Judith September 10, 2015 / 6:51 pm

    Gracias Familia, por estas fotos tan preciosas que nos alegran el alma y nos dan ese toque
    de adrenalina tan sano como cuando está uno mismo sumergido en el Mar ¡¡¡ No paréis de inspirarnos con vuestras vivencias ¡¡ Un abrazo enorme , esperamos skypear bien pronto. Los Dilli de Sitges

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