Farewell to Fiji

As we heave our anchor, set sails and leave Fiji behind memories of these last 3.5 months come to our mind.

We are all in silence, with a big laugh on our face and yet tears in our eyes.

Fiji has been an amazing experience, for each one of us and for so many different reasons, but we all agree, that it will be hard to find nicer people with more interesting cultures.

We have gotten to love village life and the beauty of the many different spots we have visited are engraved in our memories, as are the songs, the laughters and the generosity of whoever we have had a chance to meet on our way. Vinaka Fakalevu !

Just like the friends we leave behind on other boats. We split routes here in Fiji and we know it will take a long long time to see each other again, but it has been so wonderful to share our time together, Thank You!


We head West now.

It has taken us many weeks and many discussions to decide on our next route. The possibilities seemed endless and the rewards as well, but so the difficulties and dangers lurking along the path.

We had initially thought about visiting Australia and lately we talked about sailing into Micronesia and the Philippines.

But, as John Lennon said : “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” and we have finally decided to sail to Vanuatu, then head north to the Solomon Islands and into the Coral and Bismarck Sea of northern Papua New Guinea into Indonesia.

As you can see, we arrive towards the end of our Pacific Ocean crossing. More than 15.000 Nautical Miles have been left behind and it is hard to tell Lumbaz to stop.


And what opens itself to us is yet another Ocean, another Continent, another unknown Route.

You can click on the Map to see more detail.



We look forward to our next adventures and destinations.

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