Moving from East to West

We finally moved from the eastern side of Fiji to the western.

That means leaving behind strong winds, heavy rains, big waves but also exuberant nature, remote villages and little tourism. The West brings good weather, sun but also resorts, a more westernized culture and why not, less authenticity.

Before moving west we still enjoyed the green Taveuni, with its spectacular waterfalls, walks and toured on land to disappear in this amazing tropical vegetation.



From Taveuni we sailed along the Somo Somo Strait, with the current and wind in our favour which allowed for some fast sailing. The Mahi Mahi liked the speed of the lure, at least at the beginning. We then sailed into Savu Savu where we dropped off Mamichou and celebrated Nils start into first class.



Yadua, a little pearl

Yadua is an island right in the middle of the Bligh Water, the channel that separates Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, Fiji’s two main islands. It is a windy place and lots of water and current runs through it, which provides for excellent fish and beautiful coral.

Yadua lives mainly from diving for “bêche de mer” which they sell to chinese middleman. Its only village still has many of the traditional fijian bures, but in 2012 cyclone Evan destroyed a good part of it. The resilience of Pacific Islanders is extraordinary.

Traditional bure
Traditional fijian bure


Presenting Sevu Sevu to chief Jonni
Presenting Sevu Sevu to chief Jonni

Crossing the Bligh Water channel to the North Yasawas


Luna and Ainara are now certified Open Water divers !



Viwa., the last frontier

We sailed into Viwa with  Breeze, Exodus and Fieldtrip. The narrow pass created some excitement

and once in the lagoon, all the kids came out to have a look at the boats, that had anchored in line in the narrow stretch available.

Viwa is the western most island in Fiji, there is only many miles of open ocean to the West, so if your anchor drags here, you will end up in Vanuatu or New Caledonia. So not many boat come here and the locals are always happy to see new faces.







Young and old, were tradition meets the future.
Kids paradise




In the back you can see the pass through the reef, it leads next to the wreck and is not wider than 15 meters at that point.


One afternoon we all spontaneously decided to take all the village kids on the banana boats and give them a dinghy ride. It was great fun, for them and for us!

The kids made the world go round….



This inhabited island has been our last stop in Fiji. All the friend boats (we call us kids boats, you know who rules 😉 ) were there and the kids took their chance and organised another “kids camp” on their own ashore.

Beautiful view from atop
Everyone on Beach High
If you look close, you can see where the kids camp is.




This is Alex providing the kids camp with some coconuts (look at the middle palm tree)
This is Alex providing the kids camp with some coconuts (look at the middle palm tree)


Good buddies, or is it the food?


The Lumbaz !!
The Lumbaz !!
This group of friends separates here, since we are all heading to different places from now on. Sotatale Breeze, Nirvana, Fieldtrip, Exodus and Fluenta (left to right)


These pictures are a mix of everybody’s. We all got together and shared pictures. It has been great to spend such quality time with these great families. See you all soon……Sota tale!



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