In our hometown Barcelona, the acronym FAD stands for an organisation that Fosters Art & Design and gives a prize that is given there yearly.
But to most cruisers sailing along the western Pacific and specially into the Coral Sea it stands for Fish Aggregating Device.

These are structures, moored or drifting, that attract smaller fish looking for protection and these, in turn, attract larger predator fish.

So, while anchored in Ranon, Lumbaz has become a FAD.

A large school of smaller fish decided to live underneath us which in turn attracted a group of Giant Trevally and Dogtooth Tuna. We enjoyed watching and observing them and tried spearing one, but it got away.

Ashore, we commented it with the locals and they got all excited, since they only fish out of their dugout canoes here and bigger fish is a very difficult target for them.
They tried fishing around Lumbaz with no success so we decided to try out the new speargun we had just bought when we left Fiji.
We managed to spear a dogtooth and a giant trevally and took them ashore were they got chopped and distributed amongst several families.




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