Bislama Big Prize Giving!!!!!

Hello all,

to encourage you all, to participate with us in this blog, to have some fun and to share some of this amazing language, we are giving a big prize.

Whoever is able to translate the text on this picture correctly, will win a prize to spend a whole week with us on Lumbaz. All costs included.

Well, all costs, that is on the boat. So the winner will have to pay to get to us, but once on the boat everything will be for FREE!!! (you might still need to help out with day to day duties, though).

Bislama is the amazing language Ni-Vanuatus came up with when they became independent (1980).

It is the pidgin english many people spoke already in the colonial times and since Vanuatu has more than 100  (100 !!!!!!!!!!) languages they needed one in which they could all communicate.

That is how Bislama came to life.

It is a great mixture of English, French, Spanish and other languages each one might be able to figure out. There is some really funny names like:

Basket blond Titis (Bra)   (as in basket belong boobies)

Ruba blong fakfak (condom)  (as in rubber belong fuck fuck)

shitwota  (diarrhea)  (as in … you guess)

pikinini  (children)

bigfala naife  (machete)  (as in big knife)

smol haos  (bathroom)   (as in small house)

woman blong mi  (wife)

mi no sabe toktok Bislama (I don´t speak Bislama)    (as in yo no se talk Bislama)

mitrifala (the three of us)  (as in we three fellows)

nem blong mi Charly  (my name is Charly)

dakdak sus   (diving fins)   (as in duck shoes)

fiftyfifty   (bisexual) …..and on and on and on.

It is an amazing language, no conjugating verbs and it has helped unite such a myriad of diverse cultures and languages as one country.

So here is the text for you, take on the challenge!



5 thoughts on “Bislama Big Prize Giving!!!!!

  1. Michael Robertson October 7, 2015 / 8:36 pm

    Love it! “Any Ranon citizens or visitors from other parts may no longer smoke or sell (selem?) marijuana. If the chief or anyone fids out you have been smoking, you will have to pay a 50,000 dollar fine. Thank you for your understanding and wishing you safety. Signed the chief of police.” How did we do?

    • lumbazander October 13, 2015 / 4:27 am

      Oh Mike, you are doing pretty good!!
      We are still waiting for others to get enthusiastic about bislama and give it a go.
      We are about to leave for an ocean passage, so will wait until next internet connection to see how you have done compared to others. And if no one answers, the week on Lumbaz is yours!!!!

  2. Lucia November 22, 2015 / 2:42 am

    Jajaja, very funny!!! Miss You!! Any idea when You Will be getting baca? Besossssss

  3. martamora November 28, 2015 / 10:51 am

    A todos los pobladores del área de Ranon, decisión tomada por nuestro Gran Jefe:
    Prohibo hacer, vender, plantar o fumar Marihuana en nuestra comunidad.
    Prohibo a cualquiera de las diferentes areas y territorios de Ranon que venga a vender Marihuana en toda la Gran Area de Ranon.
    Si eso a mi conocimiento, serás multado. Puedes ahorrarte una multa de 50000 vt.
    Gracias por su comprensión. El ahorro depende de usted/es por su salud
    Firmado: el Jefe con la supervisión de la Policía”
    ¿Qué tal? Sory, mi no sabe toktok Mislama. Me troncho con la basket blong titis y el ruba blong fakfak.
    Gritins to pikininis blong yu!
    Nem blong mi Marta

  4. martamora November 28, 2015 / 10:52 am

    “Si eso LLEGA a mi conocimiento” quería decir

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