Chocolate in Hiu

by Noa


One day in Hiu a girl gave me a cacao fruit and I thought that I could try to make some chocolate for my family. First I started to dry the seeds out in the sun for 3 days. Then I took the skin away and scraped it with an cheese reaper. Then you can use it for whatever you want and we just baked a nice cake with it. It was the best chocolate we ever had!! Delicious! Now I am always in charge of making chocolate. Noa

Cocoa seeds turned into home made chocolate.

Instrucciones para hacer chocolate:
Como hacer chocolate. Abres la fruta coges las pepitas, las pones al sol para secar hasta que lo blanco se seque (aquí nos tarda unos 4 días).

Después las cortas como quieres ( yo lo hago con una rapadora de queso) y después puedes utilizarlo o comerlo. Está riquíssimo!


Welcome from Willy and Margaret. We felt like at home in Hiu.
Got to play with a snake, the kids said she was non poisenous.
One day we were given a Coconut crab that abound in Hiu.


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