Living on the line

Living on the line, here and now, means we are basically sitting right underneath the line or zone of convergence.
An area of phenomenal clouds, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and nice warmth. This is your glass half full.
If you want to look at your glass half empty, the amazing clouds carry heavy and constant thunderstorms, it is squally and wind shifts from SE to NW within 10 seconds which is hard on the watch on duty to control the sails. It also means the humidity feels like it is 180%. There is a moment where the air seems to stop, it is thick and it almost feels hard to breath. We are transformed into sweaty and lethargic creatures, close to evaporation.
But that is the moment. When we all think we will not handle it anymore, when we all feel on the brink of a nervous breakdown…..a few thick drops start falling from the sky. And a transformation occurs.
The Lumbaz crew, apathetic and slow until now, starts moving quick. All water catching devices are organized on deck. There are buckets under sunshades, there are hoses on the pipes underneath the solar panels, there are funnels on each corner of the bimini . Everybody starts holding the items, emptying them in bigger buckets or straight in the water tanks.
Needles to say, in this frenetic activity one takes the chance and showers with sweet water and we fill our water jars. The water we produce with our water maker from the sea is about 30 degrees Celsius (86 F) and the water from heaven is 22 C (71 F).
We have managed to catch up to 220 liters (58 gal) in the short period of rain squalls.
The line of convergence is currently running from NW to SE right along the Solomon Islands, which by the way continue spoiling us with some of the most amazing experiences we could have asked for.

All good on board. Wish you all a happy day!

One thought on “Living on the line

  1. Laurie November 12, 2015 / 8:14 am

    Thank you for all of the fantastic updates, love reading every word. Thinking of you often!!! Besos familia!
    The Curreri’s

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