Lumbaz in the Arnavons, Solomon Islands (Ainara)

The Arnavons was the first marine park founded in the Solomons Islands.


Arnavon Islands, Solomon
Arnavon Islands, Solomon

The Arnavons belonged to three communities Kia, Wagina and Katupika. All three of them were fishing hawksbill turtles for their main income and they soon started to disappear.
The government got hold of that problem and prohibited fishing for a few month. All three villages were against that because it was the only big income they had and all three communities had nothing in common and didn’t want to work together but after they had talked a lot they came to the agreement to make it a marine reserve. Now it has been like that for 25 years and the turtles and fishes have come back. Every village has one ranger on the island that looks after the turtles and we got a chance to go there.
When we arrived , the rangers told us that there were some turtle eggs hatching that day. We were really happy and couldn’t believe our luck.
So we started walking the 20 min to the beach. The beach is divided in 25 sectors full of marked places were the turtles have nested. The turtles stay from 55-60 days in the eggs so every hole was marked with the date for the rangers to know when they were more or less going to hatch. We walked to the nest and the ranger started digging a hole for the Turtles to come out. The baby turtles were amazingly cute. They were put out by the ranger and were a little asleep when they woke up but their surviving instinct was better and they started running down the beach through rocks to get to the water.


The surprise they found there probably wasn’t that pleasant. There were 5 black tip sharks going to one side to the other to get some food. We were watching this spectacle and were just amazed by this nature of Life or Death. . 1 turtle from 1000 makes it to adulthood and once they’ve been out for 5 years traveling they come to the same beach were they were born and lay there own eggs. They lay 500 eggs in three runs every two weeks , almost 200 in every nest.
We came to the beach the following days and saw this 4 more times which was amazing.

I think it is great to do marine parks to preserve nature because everything comes back to life and nature is just amazing !

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