History and fishing

In Papua New Guinea the colonial past and warfare during WW II are to be seen everywhere
We sail past a group of Islands called the Admiralty Islands. The main one is called Manus, a Papuan name. Its main town is called Lorengau and its harbor is Seeadler Harbor, settled next to the island of Los Negros.
Papuans have lived in this land for over 35.00 years and contact with the outside world was minimal until the mid 20th century. And yet, colonialism has left a strong footprint.

Today, while sailing we hooked a big yellow fin tuna again. One more of the many we have hooked and have lost, mostly after braking the line. This one was big. Huge!!
We had been fighting it for over an hour when someone called: shark!! Again, if we make it too fast, we brake the line, if we are too slow, the shark takes them….


But today’s was a win win situation. At least we think so (the tuna doesn’t).
The shark had a big bite of the tuna. Most of its stomach, which is Ok with us and a portion of the lower body’s meat.
But that sure helped us getting the tuna on board, since the poor animal stopped fighting.
The shark stayed with us during the cleaning and filleting process, eating up any leftover we threw in the water. Teamwork goes a long way!
All good on board, while we sail west to Vanimo, our last port of call in Papua New Guinea.

One thought on “History and fishing

  1. Marianne December 15, 2015 / 6:16 am

    Chicos… lo del Shark da un poco de miedo 😉
    Ganas de veros….
    Besssos. Pasaremos Nochebuena en Sitges. First time ever…

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