Russel Islands, Solomon (Noa)

One afternoon my dad said we are going to Russel and then we will go up the river to Ale and see the crocodiles.

My mum did not want to go to a place to see crocodiles and has malaria. In Ale there were crocodiles and every year there was someone who got eaten by a crocodile.

Anchored in the estuary next to Ale Village in West Bay, Russel Islands.

The kids could just swim for 5 minutes because if not the crocodile will hear the splashes and come. Every morning, we saw crocodiles and 2 times the kids from the chief went to fish the crocodiles and they came back and we could take the crocodile. One morning I needed a rest from my family, I looked for crocodiles but my father looked out the Windows and just saw a crocodile under his window.


Frame-19-12-2015-10-44-05 (1)

Frame-19-12-2015-10-44-42 (1)
We played a lot with the kids and once a man told my parents that it was so great to see us playing with them, they never had this experience.

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In Ale they had just open the Kindergarten and they really did not have anything but they learned the same things than us. We gave them some school things and games and puzzles.


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