Small things that revolutionize the world.

Banda Neira is known as the place that brought the nutmeg to the world, forever changing the taste of food. There is  a lot of history in this island, so we decided to go and see.

When we arrived in Banda Neira we saw a big volcano and decided we would climb up to the top.

Another boat, Totem who had been here 3 years ago, asked us to pop by Ryan and Nini’s house, whom they had met, to say hello.
So before climbing up to the top we decided to go and visit this family.
When we arrived there and told them we were coming to pass greetings they immediately invited us to their house and offered us some drinks and Halua Kenari (homemade dried almonds with brown sugar) and dried nutmeg fruit.
We were overwhelmed by their kindness and the talking soon began.
But as you know English is not widely spoken in this part of Indonesia and our Indonesian is really limited so eventually we managed to communicate with a little English (Ryan knew a little), some hand signs , our 50 words of Indonesian and a Dictionary.
After a while we asked them if it was a good idea to go for a walk to the volcano as had been our initial plan, but Ryan told us it was not a good moment since it was already 2 o clock in the afternoon and it would be really hot to go up now.

Plans are made to be changed and Ryan and Nini asked us if we would like to see the Nutmeg trees in their garden which we were really happy of, because we knew it was a must see if you are in the place where this spice has been bringing so much history to the island.
We started walking up to the garden and on the way we met nenek who was the owner of that garden.

The Nutmeg is in an orange fruit. You can only get the Spice when you open the fruit.

In the 15th century one kilo of nutmeg was worth more than one kilo of gold.

The orange shell is really hard and it is impossible to eat raw,  so what they do is to put it in salt water for a month until it ‘s all soft and then they dry it in the sun for two days.


The spice is only laid out in the sun so it is a much shorter process.

We were really happy to learn about the history and meet that really nice family.




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