A wedding in Banda Neira by Luna

What is a wedding and how do you celebrate it?  Stop and Think…

How do you think people celebrate it in different cultures?

Do you think the bride always wears the typical white dress and the groom wears a black suit??

The whole family in muslim clothing, ready to attend the wedding.

One day we walked past a really beautiful house and someone called our names. It was Mr. Man whom we had met before.

We walked over to him and he told us that someone in his family was getting married and wether we wanted to join the ceremony.

Of course our eyes started to glitter and we said: YES!

Bruising and pulverizing the spices and aromatics: bumbu-bumbu

2 days later, at 07.00 o’clock we were ready, dressed all long from hands to feet and mom, Ainara, Noa and me were even covering our hair.

Nils and dad had gotten themselves a kopiah (traditional little hat). We started to walk to the house from the father of the groom and the people on the street starred at us.

A white family, all dressed up. They started to ask us if we were muslims. Finally we arrived in the house of the groom and Mr. Man’s wife took us to where all the woman were sitting.
They made us take a plate of the buffet that was served there.

When we started to eat everybody else did as well. I sat next to a little group of kids. As we finished we all went outside to go in the house from the bride where we saw the married couple.
We arrived there 10 minutes later.

Taking the presents for the bride. This is the party coming from the groom’s house.

All guests had taken a present. We took a blanket. The presents were inside a take-away plastic thing.
All guests left the presents in the room were the couple would sleep that night.
It was a room full of presents white and pink in the walls, with a really big double bed. Mrs Man took us to a little house where all the woman were sitting together.  Two woman gave us little souvenirs and cakes. After 20 minutes they told us to go out and make some pictures with the bride.

The bride stood there taking pictures for over an hour. It was very hot and she didn’t complain.
It felt like we ate, and ate, and ate…….

The groom was sitting in a sofa . We ate one more soup and went back saying bye bye to everybody. It had been an incredible wedding with a really different culture than ours. where man and woman had to sit in different places, eat, talk and sweat a lot.





Once we arrived at the grooms house Nils and I were taken to present our regards to the father.

Huzaifah, the father of the groom

We had met him the day before, when we had lunch with the whole family. We sat in the front of the house with all the men, listening to Arab music and chatting about politics, philosophy and the meaning of life.

Nils discussing the local political issues with a guest.

Once everybody arrived, we started eating. Maluku and specially Banda has an incredible culinary culture. The curries, stir-fries, and grilled dishes are all lavishly seasoned with nutmeg, cloves, and cassia. Ikan bumbu rujak: tuna which is the islands main source of protein, braised in kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) and tamarind extract and seasoned with ginger, galangal, chiles, lemongrass, cassia, cloves, and cracked whole nutmeg.

Sasatay,  a sort of tuna-based falafel, made with poached tuna, kenari,  local almond, toasted ground cumin and fresh mint . Nasi kuning, a fragrant, turmeric yellow coconut rice as well as many other unknown dishes completed the tables, both at the grooms house as well as at the brides house, were we all walked, biked and drove to, to have another fantastic meal while someone was singing thank you’s to all the guests mentioning where they came from.

At all times, groom and bride were separated as well as the guests, making it for a very authentic  and unique experience which we loved to share.

The people, all the people in Banda have been incredibly friendly and nice and after a few days pretty much everybody had seen us walking around, making it a pleasant sensation to salute the people on the street like normal neighbours.


Fort Belgica, built by the Dutch in 1672 (the Portuguese had previously built another one further down the hill)

2 thoughts on “A wedding in Banda Neira by Luna

  1. Marianne March 30, 2016 / 7:15 am

    Hola chicos,
    una vez mas hemos disfrutado un montón de vuestras aventuras, nos inspiran a querer saber mas y a navegar por Internet para superar nuestras Bildungslücken 😉
    Nosotros acabamos de pasar las vacaciones de Semana Santa en las montañas de Salzburgo con un tiempo terrible, nieve malísima, pero mucha alegría….
    Y dentro de diez días Sara se marcha a Capetown para trabajar durante dos meses como cooperante en un Kindergarten. Estamos emocionados!!!
    Besitos a todos. Me pregunto hacia donde navegaréis ahora. Marianne & la tropa

  2. Gisela & Ulf April 21, 2016 / 8:36 am

    Dear Lumbaz-Crew,
    it is great to see your blog and all the beautiful and inspiring photos from Indonesia! We are happy that you have enjoyed your time with Caminante and Nautilus together – we have read a bit in the Nautilius blog too. We on our side still enjoy the land life a lot and we are very thankful for the great times with you all! Are you around Lombok now? How do you go on?
    All the best from
    Gisela & Ulf, Lars and Ronja

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