A Nautilus and the Komodo Dragons by Luna

We were anchored in Horseshoe bay in South Rinca Island in the Komodo National Park.

Daddy was looking with the binoculars at some Komodo dragons. 7 of them were lying in the sand, under a tree. Our boat was anchored facing the beach. Dad looked at the left where he saw a red box with something white with orange-yellow stripes (it was behind the box).

Kayaking to the beach

Paddling to the beachIt was a nautilus that seemed really big to us. We wanted to take it but the problem was that the Komodo dragons were 100 meters away. As a really careful dad he told Ainara, Noa and me to go with the kayak. What if we could get it but what if we couldn’t? That was the thought racing through our heads. Dad told us to go but mum refused; Mamichou (our grandmother) was in mom’s side and said that if we go we might never see her again. But daddy pushed so much that we took courage and went.

...hihihi the biggest one...
our biggest and nicest Nautilus

As we approached the beach  all seven Komodos looked up at us. Ainara stepped in, followed by Noa with a kayak paddle, that she would use as a stick for protection. I stayed in the kayak (just in case) (I think I was too scared too :∫ )

Ainara walked 3 steps when I looked at the dragons and saw them walking slowly, normal, faster and as quick as a human. I started screaming, Ainara panicked and thought:

Should I go or shouldn’t I?



I saw her face and started thinking “no no no, don’t do it.” Of course she did, she chose the dangerous way, she started running and I started screaming.

My heart froze as I saw Ainara coming back and the dragons 30 meters away. Run for your life I shouted (it was the only thing I could scream). Were we going to make it? Or wouldn’t we? I closed my eyes so I could relax but opened them after 1 second because I was nervous.


That was my scream again but no, no accident. :):):)  Noa was next in the kayak and Ainara was already touching the water. The Komodo dragons were behind her. She was still running and the dragons were slowing down. There was a shoe that Ainara had just lost, Noa was on board and Ainara went back to take it.

I shouted: leave the shoe, run for your life!!

You will be able to buy new ones (deep breath). I was getting a hoarse voice of screaming so much. There was no way we could get calm again. Ainara touched the kayak and we (Noa and me) started paddling backwards. A little sharp wave came and we almost flipped over. We arrived on board like babies all trembling, proud of ourselves and really wet (because of the wave).

We had survived this experience!!!!

I didn’t believe it or well,  WE didn’t .


We looked at the NAUTILUS it was the BIGGEST one we had for our collection and a full one. The only thing we could say was WOUW !!!

To live an adventure you have to be brave, but to be brave sometimes means to make risky things in life and


This is our most valuable Nautilus. We are very proud of it!!

4 thoughts on “A Nautilus and the Komodo Dragons by Luna

  1. Ben chris May 13, 2016 / 11:18 pm

    While i was reading about your adventure i was thinking about how it would be like in the end. But it was amazing that you made it. For us we learn alot on all the post’s.

  2. svbrightwater May 15, 2016 / 8:03 am

    “Send the kids!” That’s what I said, all the time. Sometimes I told them it would be fun.

    Now they’re old, and starting to grow their own kids. To send for stuff.

    Delightful writing.

  3. Ulf June 4, 2016 / 3:33 am

    Great! You are wonderful!

  4. friedefreudeundeierkuchen September 26, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    Wir freuen uns schon sehr euch um die Weihnachtszeit wiederzusehen! Herzliche Grüsse von Jenni und Ulrich mit Lisa, Mia und Ole

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