Diving Komodo

We had seen an amazing array of wildlife, prehistoric animals running around the islands and birds you can not get tired of watching.

But we knew, underneath the surface of those waters lies an exciting, beautiful yet challenging place to dive.

sailing against 5 knots of current!

The currents can be fierce, creating , whirlpools, upwellings and down currents that can be a real hazard. One of the islands is called Death Island after 25 pearl divers were caught in a down current that pushed them into the ocean, never to be seen again.

Komodo diving - 16

With that in mind we decided to make a few dives on our own, but choosing dive sites that would be more protected and always looking for slack water.

But there are some fun dive sites in places where the current just rips through making it a bit dangerous for us, in our dinghy. So we decided to go with a commercial operator for those dives, thus enjoying some of the most spectacular dive sites of the National Park.

All in all, great diving again and with the bonus of some species we had been looking for in our previous dives without luck. Some of these fish are really hard to find and we were enthusiastic to see them.

Here is a short (or long) view of some of them:

This is a  Black Hairy Frogfish

(click on the links for further info)

Komodo diving - 3 (1)

To give you an idea of its actual size.

This is a Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Komodo diving - 5 (1)

Komodo diving - 7

Again, an idea of sizes. You see they are pretty small animals, but unbelievably beautiful and interesting. By the way, the flamboyant cuttlefish has the same toxin as the blue ringed octopus, lethal to humans.

This is a Commerson’s Frogfish


These are the Zander’s  

Komodo diving - 6 (1)



Komodo diving - 18

We all had some fun snorkeling with Manta Rays.

Luna checking a crocodile fish

Nils checking a clown fish

Another one of our favorites, the incredible cuttlefish



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Komodo diving - 19

We have really enjoyed swimming in the Komodo Natl. Park area and we have found some beautiful, secluded and solitary anchorages we had a hard time leaving from.

Komodo diving - 1 (5)

Komodo diving - 2 (2)


One thought on “Diving Komodo

  1. jose antonio bertrand May 16, 2016 / 9:25 am

    fantastic shapes and colors those fishes!!!!
    Met your mother Eugenie! Marianne! a real vision of the French Republic!!! she is very nice… we talked about you people, one day you will come back…
    thanks for your beautiful reports,
    take care of yourselfves and the kids…

    Jose Antonio Bertrand

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